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Red, White & Blue Gems – Ready!

Hello again Gemtopia fans! We're so excited!  The prizes from our 4th of July Red, White & Blue Gemstone Giveaway are boxed up and ready to go.  Watch your mail boxes Kellie, Doug and Sharon.  We hope you love your prizes as much as we do :-). Remember, if you...

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Social Media Email Signup Magic

Here is how we set up our social media campaigns to let us share interesting articles from the web and use these to help drive interested visitors to our mailing list.  These techniques will work best for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms where you...

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What’s in the Box?

To start things off, I need to say that we are still working on the exact contact of the boxes. This is a brand new product we've just started working on in the last few weeks and as we find better, cooler, smarter ways of building the box, we'll be incorporating this...

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Why Gemtopia?

So how did I start all of this, you may ask? As I'd put my four-year-old daughter to bed each night, she always asked to hear a story. Not wanting to re-read the same books yet again, I began tucking her into bed and telling her the story of Princess Crystal and her...

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