The Big News

Gemtopia has been selected to be part of Cratejoy’s exclusive Prelaunch Program.  Hooray!

After many sleepless nights spent working on our products, design, presentation and marketing, we were thrilled to receive this morning’s email from Cratejoy telling us that we had made the cut and are partners in their new PreLaunch Program!

Getting accepted into their PreLaunch program is a huge thrill, considering we only started working on this concept a few weeks ago, and just happened to start it about a week before the Cratejoy PreLaunch application period closed.  We managed to quickly get enough of our product together from all over the world to make our application video.  Featuring extremely high production values, it was filmed in our basement after the kids were in bed (the only time it is quiet enough to record anything) in what I am going to claim was a single take.  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

The Big Wait

It was then an excruciating wait for them to review all the applications they received.  During this time we continued to refine the products and designs, because, you know, OF COURSE we were going to win (we told ourselves).

Finally, we got the long-awaited email telling us that… drum roll… they wanted some more information in order to make a decision and we would need to fill out another online survey listing products, costs of goods sold, expected margins, budgets, etc.   And they needed it by the end of tomorrow.

Another sleepless night going through purchase orders, updating spreadsheets and doing math late at night (really not recommended) and we managed to pull it all together and got our survey submitted a full two hours before it was due.  Since this was obviously a miracle, we took it as yet another sign of our impending victory in the selection process.  Or at least that’s what we told ourselves.

The Big Reveal

Finally, another email from Felicity at Cratejoy that contained… an invitation to a new private Facebook group for the winners!  Woohoo!  We’d made the cut!  Not that we’d ever doubted it, of course.

The PreLaunch Program has an aggressive timetable for hitting all the PreLaunch activities, so it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting much sleep for the next few months while we take this from concept to your door in just a few short weeks!

No rest for the weary, but we hope you’ll love what we’ve created, curated and crafted for you!

The Big Thanks

Thank you so much to the whole team who has been working around the clock (and around the world) to pull all of this together!

And another big “Thank You” to Felicity Fromholz, Cratejoy’s Program Manager, for all your help getting us this far!

Wish us luck, and we hope the kids sleep well at night so we can get this all done as quickly as possible!

Peace & Sparklies,

– The Gemtopians

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