To start things off, I need to say that we are still working on the exact contact of the boxes. This is a brand new product we’ve just started working on in the last few weeks and as we find better, cooler, smarter ways of building the box, we’ll be incorporating this into the boxes.

Gemtopia boxes contain natural stones and other unique products that were not created on an assembly line somewhere. Because of this, every box will be unique. We hope you will enjoy the surprise of what comes in your box as much as we enjoy building them for you!

Unlike most subscription boxes, everybody will start with the first box in the series (Season 1, Box 1).

Each month a new box will arrive with a new assortment of contents depending on the story for that box.

In this way, you’ll get the whole story from start to finish, and we can use what’s in the earlier boxes (such as components for science experiments, particular gems, game pieces, etc) as part of later boxes.   This lets us keep your costs down while still providing you with cool and interesting things to do.

While we are still determining the exact contents of each box (since we’re still prior to pre-launch at the time of this writing) we’ve put together a list of some of the items that we are considering for inclusion in the first box.  The specific list is likely to change as we complete the selection process, but in general, you will receive:

  • A beautiful presentation of the box’s contents, making unboxing an exciting moment of joyful surprises
  • A comic book that begins the Gemtopia story and introduces the main characters
  • A selection of natural gemstones, colorful crystals, and interesting rocks in a variety of types, shapes, and colors
  • A science or art related project, experiment, or special item related to the story’s theme
  • Rockmuncher all-natural edible chocolate rocks (a form of candy)
  • Some form of jewelry or something useful in making your own jewelry
  • Badge stickers for the related Science or Art matching the box’s theme
  • Gemtopia Cards or other game elements
  • A magical display cloth for showing off your new collection
  • Bonus stickers to use or share
  • …and who knows what else…

As each box contains natural items instead of identically manufactured plastic toys, there will be a wide variety of items across different boxes, with each box a little different from those before.  So even if you’ve already seen someone else’s unboxing, yours will always be a unique experience.

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